Since 2016 wildwuchs is partner of Label Kultur Inklusiv. We aim at making our programme as accessible as possible. 


Our website and programme brochure in German are written in easy language. The writing is bigger than usual. Here are some basic information regarding accessibility of wildwuchs: 

All wildwuchs productions are accessible for wheelchair users. Our toilets can be opened with the EURO key (available in the festival centre at the bar) 

For people with hearing disabilities there are many productions in the festival that are made accessible through either subtitles or singn language interpretation. 


For people with visual impairments there are audiodescriptions available for some of the productions. Someö proejects are generally accessible for blind people. Guide dogs are generally welcomed.  But there is also the possibility to book a so-called wildwuchs companion who goes to see the piece with you. PLease book under this address (indicate the show date please):

For people with mental disabilities most productions are accessible, siome projects are especially desigend for audience with mental disabilities. 

On June 2nd we offer a relaxed performance for the first time. You can come in and leave at an time, doors will be opene diring the whole performance, lights will stay on and the audience will get a sort of story-book explaing the project scene by scene.